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Founded in 1987, BCC has instilled a love of music in generations of young singers.


Bach Children’s Chorus is here to…

  • provide a high-level choral experience for children, youth, and young adults.

  • provide an education in vocal technique, music theory and sight-singing in a recreational setting

  • present performances in Toronto which will appeal to both the performers and the audience

  • instill in youth the cultural value of creative expression and collaboration

  • raise up a community of arts enthusiasts and musical leaders who will positively impact the future of arts and culture in Canada


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Music Education

BCC offers an integrated program of theory, ear training and sight-singing.


Creative leadership

Led by Artistic Director Charissa Bagan, the BCC team is committed to fostering musical excellence in each singer.

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Captivating performances

BCC’s choirs perform at top venues across Toronto and beyond.

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