Multiple National Finishes for BCC and BCYC!

Photo credit: Obadiah George

Photo credit: Obadiah George

Congratulations to BCC Choir II/Cantabile, Chamber Choir, BCYC, Octava, and the entire BCC staff team for your outstanding achievements at the National Federation of Music Festivals!

Community Choir, 25 years of age and under  
First Place/1er prix - Bach Chamber Youth Choir, ON - Director/Directeur: James Pinhorn 

Community Choir, 12 years of age and under  

First Place/1er prix Bach Children's Chorus - Choir II & Cantabile, ON - Director/Directrice: Charissa Bagan

Second Place/2e prix British Columbia Girls Choir - Juniors, BC - Director/Directrices: Fiona Blackburn & Sandra Meister   

Community Choir, 19 years of age and under

First Place/1er prix Pembina Trails Voices – Cantemus, MB - Director/Directrice: Valdine Anderson

Second Place/2e prix Bach Children’s Chorus, Chamber Choir, ON - Director/Directrice: Charissa Bagan 

Ensemble Choir 6-12 singers

First Place/1er prix Holy Heart Madrigal Choir, NL - Director/Directeur: Robert Colbourne

Second Place/2e prix Octava Vocal Ensemble, ON